I am… is the infinite white space in which the human experience takes shape… in the form of thoughts and emotions… just like the soundtrack of a song where you can see in which frequency the song plays.

I am not the song, but the infinite white space. And I decide in which frequency – with which vibration – I live through the human experience.

It is my choice if I hold on to an old song – an old vibration – which is influenced by my past experience. It is up to me if I identify with that old song and play it over and over again or if I stop that song and listen to the silence to start a new one… a new vibration.

Life is like an improvised song by a group of musicians. My melody – my vibration – influences the others and vice versa. And if I don’t like the melody, we can simply change it as we are neither the melody nor the song.

Making love is like the melody of two people playing together. The melody where love vibrates.

It is up to me which song I play, which melody. It’s up to me with which vibration I want to live… now.

So, I choose to tune in to the vibration of infinite love.

I am love.

I am.