The Fool


There is so many things that people have called me in this lifetime. I always wondered why I seem to be such a strong subject for projection.

There were people called me fat, unattractive and unsuccessful.

Then there were people who called me attractive like a greek god, charismatic and one of only few people who could achieve anything in this lifetime.

There were people who called me weak and little resilient.

Then there were people who called me powerful like a rock and one of the most resilient people they know.

There were people who called me manipulative.

Then there were people who say I am the most authentic person they know.

There were people who believe I have serious mental issues.

Then there were people who would call me a prophet or guru.

And just today I signed a contract with Austrias most prolific speaker agent. She believes I have a special aura and talk like a prophet… which acutally inspired me to write this post.

I believe what people say about me tells me more about them then it does about me.

I find it funny what people call and see in me and I never seriously identified with any of that.

Even when I had someone reading my Akashic records for me recently – for some they are the source of universal truth, basically the records of everyones Karma – I didn’t really identify with what I was told.

I would never call myself anything… The only thing I sometimes do is that I quote what other people say about me. Well, I need to in a world were I also live a worldly life. It’s the same with my webpage for example: Many people think I build that website with this grand posing picture of myself.

The truth is though, the picture was no pose, it was a snapshot and I didn’t create/direct that general image of me – my brand. It was a present an artist made to me.

I never call myself anything, but…

I let the other people do the calling.

I don’t identify with neither my agent, nor my ex-partners, nor the Akashic records. No…

The only thing I ever really identified with was when the person who knows me best – my ex-wife – told me on the day she divorced me: That I have the most generous of hearts.

And the only thing I ever really called myself is what I really am: The Fool…