Valle Do Amanhecer

Brasilia Airport, Brazil

Valle do Amanhecer is a kinda surreal place. Look up the pictures on the internet.

I would best describe it as a open and tolerant sect mixing Spiritism with Christianity, Ubanta, Egyptology and other stuff – practicing mediumship.

When I arrived there, I was lucky the guy standing in front of the temple spoke English… hardly anyone there does. The first day he would kinda „serve“ me the whole day translating everything that was done there with me.

What was done there with me? Well, when you enter there, you get to see a medium. Usually you ask a question (sometimes not) the medium connects to a powerful and clean spirit and that spirit gives you insights into the issue and tells you what „process“ you need to do to heal (there they offer something like six or more different processes). So you could say, the first stage is the „diagnosis“ the second stage the healing. The healing is also done through mediumship and spiritist work.

So, my question was „What can I do to develop my psychic abilities. I keep hearing I am clairvoyant by mediums and psychics, but I feel like I feel a lot but don’t see a lot!“

The woman would connect and then ask me, if I was recently in Peru, Spain and Portugal. I was kinda stunned. I mean, there is about 200 countries in the world and she asks me about these three of the three countries I was in before I decided to prolong my journey in after Peru.

She said, that I was activated by the temples there. I am a medium and Vale do Amanhecer would be a potential path for me… if I want.

At first I was a bit flattered. Being recognized as a medium there – which essentially means that I can get a free six months education in mediumship (as everything there is for free, also the treatments).

But slowly thing started to kinda melt down for me.

After the „diagnosis“ my guide started to tell me many things and show me around, apart from doing the four processes suggested by the initial medium.

The things he said, kinda, reminded me of other places and sects I experienced, like „All your life was a preparation to come here and develop your skills as a medium with us.“ So, I started to become skeptical and feel resistance. Which is a true pitty because I really believe the stuff they do there is good.

The next few days, I would return to the temple, do some processes and talk to people and elders there that gave me more information.

Eventually, I found out, that there is no real expectation or obligations there – not even with money or work for them. Also, the education is free. Only the people initiated regularly pay whatever „they feel is right to contribute, it is very individual and has to do with your individual life situation. After the training, they are so connected that they know.“

So at that point I though, ok, I might do the training and just contribute whatever I feel is right then. But then, the when I asked the one guide if I am allowed to work with the skills I acquired there back home he said „No, all of us, we just work in the temple, because our skills are only truly and purely activated in the temple.“

So, yeah, I guess this mean, I would have to dedicate my life to the sect if I want to work with the skills I acquire there.

Thanks, no…

Still, it was a very interesting and good experience. And for certain people I really recommend to go there (and I recommend to you to again google the place and look at the pics).

Monday morning I try to book a flight to Fortaleza to have a final week on the beach before I return to Europe what I call my most intense and tiring journey of my life. I try to book the ticket with three different airline but for different reasons, non worked.

I’m like… whatever, I’ll have some lunch and try it again after. Then, I call my dad. „I might have another surgery in 10 days. I’ll get a second opinion…“ His cancer returned.

The flight back to Europe is only €100 more expensive then the flight to Fortaleza. I call it a sign. It’s time to head back, as I still have to prepare some stuff in Portugal before I head back to Austria.