September 28th 2018, 23:46

What I see in you is much bigger than what people see. You are a creator of love, light, and life. You are a goddess that should be loved like one ☺️

Five years ago, I wrote this poem when you captured my heart.

14 days later, you said you wanted a child from me.

I have fulfilled your wish, yet your gratitude was to deny me.

I wasn’t good enough, neither for you nor your family, nor your society.

I don’t really understand what that means.

Your spiritual teacher told you, a child from a person with my heart is a true gift.

And, I believe, every father is worthy of being its child’s parent.

And also, which society am I not good enough for? Not good enough for the Wörthersee high-society 🤣

My ancestors were the kings of Iran ✌🏽

And I, personally, have accomplished more for humanity than most of the people you personally know.

The only crime I ever committed, was to lead you back into your heart once you wanted to deny me to witness our child’s birth.

By what right were you going to do that?

Your spiritual teacher has told you several times in my presence, that you treat OUR child as if she were YOURS alone.

And my perspective that I expressed and my witnessing of the abuse you experienced were the only threats I ever posed to you and the unhealthy dynamics in the system behind.

A system that disconnected you from your heart and made it blind.

We both know, what is hidden deep inside your heart.

You kept the crown, the whip, and the ring 😉

Five years… I’ve served your fears, traumas and projections long enough…

I am truly grateful that you showed me my biggest weaknesses.

I’m truly grateful that you forced me to tap into my full potential.

I am grateful to you for giving birth to the Princess of Tabaristan 🙏🏽

I have loved and treated you a goddess.

Five years… I have hoped your heart will be stronger than your fears.

I have gifted you my firstborn… the light of your life…

Farewell 🙏🏽